Triple-Monitors Sales For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Carnival

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Black Friday is a much-anticipated date, especially for U.S. consumers, due to the great discount that is given on these dates to boost digital commerce.

Officially it is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November, but it is increasingly common to find stores that take advantage of the whole week to publish daily deals.

You're probably trying to remember when Black Friday is, that date when everyone tries to buy that product they've been trying to get cheaper all year. It is celebrated on the same date, the fourth Friday of November. Most stores, put their best products on limited time offers, in which FOPO has been no exception, showing offers never seen before!

This year Black Fridays is celebrated on Friday, November 25, 2022. It is always the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Note that other countries such as Canada celebrate their Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October.

It is one of the most important shopping dates of the year, like Amazon's Prime Day, or Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is the day where we do more shopping in the West due to the large number of deals and stores that offer discounts that day and you can already find Black Friday deals.
The founder of FOPO, Dr. Frank is 41 years old this year. Working as a stock analyst in 2005, he became a managing partner and raised the first fund in 2015. In 2021, transforming from a trader in the financial industry to a founder in the technology industry, he created “FOPO”.

Specifics about the FOPO Triple Monitors

For triple monitors. it also include main features of :

Triple screens

FOPO tri screen portable monitor is made for better productivity. The FOPO triple-screen portable monitor allows you easily handle multi-tasks and improve your work efficiency by up to 300% without top switching workspace back and forth.

fopo programming

  • Multi compatibility: With USB-A/mini HDMI/USB-C ports, this FOPO triple screen portable monitor can be connected with most devices like PC, laptops, and Type-C mobile phones, PS4, switch, xbox one, and etc.
  • Monitor Size: At FOPO, there are 3 different sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 15 inches.
  • Suitable laptop size: It is very important to take into account the portability that our laptop monitor will have.
  • Resolution Rate: It all depends on the use you are going to give to the portable monitor, but preferably, you have to choose monitors no lower than FULL HD, which is the same as 1920 x 1080 pixels per inch.
  • Refresh Rate: Today, the standard for monitors is 60 hz, so whatever task you need, they all meet the minimum requirements.
  • Colors: This is a feature that many enthusiasts are attracted to. A white monitor brings elegance to everyday life.

Advantages about our FOPO Monitors

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One main advantage that FOPO dual portable monitors have is that all 3 monitors are included in a single unit, which makes it a game-changing productivity tool for today's times.

Most portable monitors are designed for productivity work by providing an external display, which is often the same height as the built-in screen, however, FOPO portable second monitor for laptop have 2 portable monitors and different sizes to better fit your laptop screen.

We also have to consider the use we are going to give to the monitors, since having 3 monitors connected at the same time, can increase both our productivity and our consumption of multimedia content.

These FOPO portable dual screens for laptop are designed especially for people who are dedicated to the creation of content such as video and photo editors, as they need to be in constant motion, seeing the changes made in their designs.

Another type of users that normally use it are programmers, more specifically web designers, since an external monitor allows them a better productivity when writing code and visualize the changes in real time, without the need to be changing tabs at all times, now including an extra monitor, allows you to have greater field of view to carry out tasks simultaneously as learning new technologies, while developing the web page.

Last but not least, it is a tool that allows to increase the productivity of different data analysts, since they usually work on excel sheets, which an external screen allows them to handle more information in the same time.

Now, an important point is the decision of which is the best option to choose, here we bring you the most relevant features of each FOPO portable dual monitor for laptop.


fopo conclusion

No matter what field you are in, if you are an enthusiast, you can't miss these offers that come along very few times in the year, take advantage of the discounts by clicking here.

Yoy can use the S12 version such as meeting rooms, watching movies and playing games, painting, working in and studying in anywhere.

If you want something bigger than the S12 to improve your skill in programming or designing, you can go to S16. The last but not least, if you are a gamer, or professionarl designing and you have a big laptop, you have to choose the last option, the S17.