FOPO 12 inch Triple Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor
FOPO 12 inch Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop - fopomonitor

FOPO 12 inch Triple Monitor for Laptop - S12

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  • Triple Screen, 300% Productivity - The FOPO Triple Screen Portable Monitor lets you easily multitask and increase productivity by up to 300% without switching workspaces back and forth. [No driver required. ]
  • 12 Inch FHD 1080P IPS Triple Display - Full HD 1920 x 1080P resolution, IPS screen, 72% NTSC provides rich colors and clear images at 178° viewing angle.
  • Multiple Compatibility - With USB-A/mini HDMI/USB-C ports, FOPO triple screen portable monitor can connect with most devices, such as PC, laptop and Type-C mobile phone, PS4, switch, xbox one, etc.
  • HDR Mode and Innovative Design - HDR mode supports excellent mainstream transmission. All-round 235°rotation and 180°display mode realize meeting sharing.
  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - We will provide you with an extra laptop bag, power adapter and all the accessories you need during use.
  • AttentionApple MacBook M1/M2, Microsoft Surface Series, Chromebook are not compatible with our monitor, but we support M1 Pro and M1 Max chip.

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Triple Screens with 300% Productivity

It allows you to easily handle multi-tasks and improve your work efficiency by 300%.

12" FHD 1080P IPS Triple Monitors

With the full HD resolution, it delivers rich color and clear images at a 178° viewing angle.

Multiple Compatibility

With USB-A/mini HDMI/USB-C ports, it can be connected to most devices like PC, laptops, and phones.

HDR Mode

The HDR mode supports excellent mainstream transmission, and it's adjustable for multi-using scenarios.

Explore Full FOPO Portable Monitor

How to set it up?

We provide a detailed introduction to help you use the triple screen portable more easily.


This is a special situation, and you can look at the following three situations.

1): Due to the insufficient voltage of some laptops, when you connect to FOPO, one screen may not work normally. You can try to use the attached adapter to power on that screen.

2): Some new models of laptops (Like Macbook) have two TYPE-C ports, but one of the ports lacks output signal in function and leads to no working for one screen. You can try to use an additional HDMI cable to start the other monitor screen.

3): Some old models of laptops can‘t be used because they lack HDMI or Type-C port to connect with the monitor. If so, you can use a HUB or a docking station for connection or contact FOPO. And after connecting with the docking station, you need to restart the laptop and the triple portable monitor to make sure the monitor can work normally.

If you are getting a message on one of the screens that shows "No Signal" or "No Input", see below for some troubleshooting tips:

1): If you use HDMI to support video transmission, please make sure that the power supply is connected.

2): If you use 2 TYPE-C cables to connect the screen with the monitor, make sure that your Type-C cables and your laptop Type-C ports support the video signal transmission. Search for your laptop user manual online for these details.

3): If your laptop uses chip M1/M2 or your laptop model is Microsoft's Surface Pro/Go Series, it won't support the triple monitors.

Step 1 : Remeasure Your Laptop Actual Size

If your laptop is 13.3-14" and also within the following size range of length, thickness and height, you can use and install our monitor. Otherwise your laptop doesn't fit our monitor.

Length:10-14.6 inch

Height:>8.27 inch

Thickness:<0.32 inch

Step 2: Idenitfy Your Laptop Ports

Our 12 inch attachable triple monitor only support Type-C and HDMI ports.

Please identify your laptop ports to find the right connecting method to the triple monitor in the next step.

Notice: If your laptop use latest chip M1/M2 or your laptop model is Microsoft's Surface Pro/Go Series, it won't support our triple monitor. But we support M1 Pro and M1 Max chip!

Step 3:Find the Right Connection Methods

1) Type-C/Thunderbolt-3 Ports Connection (support power & data tranmission)

Use included Type-C cords to connect the monitor.

2) HDMI Port Connection

Use included HDMI cords and connect power supply to use the monitor.

3) Other Video Port Connection (Need Power Supply)

No, FOPO monitors are incompatible with Apple's M1 & M2, but compatible with the M1 Pro and Max.