Who Could Use A Triple Monitor For Remote Work?

The incredible functionality of a triple screen monitor allows a multitude of home-based professionals, as well as leisure users, a chance to benefit. 

Programming From Home Using A Triple Screen Monitor

Computer programming requires the user to have multiple windows, apps, and tabs running at one time. 

Triple Monitor

Using a triple portable monitor for remote work in this sector means programmers can run a host of windows across three screens. Perfect for complex coding projects or front-end aesthetical tweaks. 

Improved Editing Capability While Working Remotely 

Whether you’re a roving editor or journalist snipping copy out of a front-page article, an architect tweaking a design for a client, or a graphic designer whipping up another eye-catching asset. The flexibility of seamlessly moving your work across 3 screens is extremely useful. 

Meanwhile, the 1080p screen resolution ensures you can see every inch of your design or layout in absolute clarity. 

Perfect For Field-Based Sales 

Whether you’re based in the office or not, as a sales professional you know that sometimes closing a deal means getting out on the road. 

The functionality of a portable triple screen monitor means you have the performance of your complete desk while commuting on the train or hotdesking in your client’s office. 

Triple Monitor

This is also where that brilliant meeting and presentation functionality shines through again. 

Real-Estate Professionals

If you’re in the property industry, then you’ll understand the frustrations and limitations of working and trying to impress a client while on the move. 

The simplicity of connection, number of screens, and display resolution offer you the chance to set up your portable triple screen laptop on a number of surfaces. 

So you can close a deal on the kitchen side of that open home you’re showing. Or pull up listing information on one screen, property imagery on another, and your sales notes on the third. You’re basically taking your desk with you to every client meeting. 

Plus, the lightweight design ensures you can pack it all away with ease and move on to the next place.  

Triple Screen Monitors Can Help With Blogging

Professional bloggers are constantly on the lookout for the next piece of inspiration. The lightweight design and simple connection of a FOPO S12 ensures you’re able to move around with ease. 

Triple Monitor

Then, when that flash of inspiration strikes, you can pull out your screen trio and start jotting down ideas. 

The Benefits Can Help Digital Nomads

Because their lifestyle and success rest on their being able to work from absolutely anywhere, Digital Nomads are used to running multiple programs while on the move. 

With a triple-display laptop, you can set up anywhere and jump on to an important client video call from your van, that coffee shop, or the side of a mountain. Just make sure you’ve got a decent internet connection. 

Administration Professionals Also Win 

If there’s one thing that makes data entry tasks quicker and easier it’s more displays. Viewing and editing multiple datasets is so much easier when you can spread your sheets across 3 monitors. 

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about data security while completing your tasks on the move. The rotating screens allow you to close off the outside world and operate in a more private manner. 

But It’s Not Just Remote Workers Who Can Benefit

Another sector of people that can benefit from up weighting their screen count is gamers. 

The rotating, high-res screens and ability to run multiple programs at once means you can create the rig of your dreams wherever you like! 

Is it Easy To Connect To A Triple Screen?

Connecting your laptop to a FOPO S12 triple portable monitor is a simple operation. There’s no need for a clutch of cables or technical support. This is what makes them so impressive as a piece of portable tech. 

Triple Monitor

You should have everything you need to complete the connection in the box supplied. Just simply slide and clip the additional screens onto your existing monitor. 

Then all you need to do is plug your screens in via the USB-C ports and you should be good to go. 


Triple portable monitors are incredibly useful as a homeworking tool. Not only do they provide you with the ideal workspace wherever you use them, but they also do so in incredible high-definition. 

The range of functionality means that everyone from bloggers to remote computer programmers have the opportunity to supercharge their productivity. 

If you’re one of that remote-working army, then start complimenting your laptop with a triple monitor today.