What Are The Advantages Of Having Triple Portable Monitors

You might have come across the hype about triple monitors from your tech friends. But what are the advantages of having triple portable monitors?

Triple portable monitors setup for a laptop allow you to multitask, run several applications simultaneously, and increase your screen space for work, study, or entertainment.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of triple portable monitors in detail to help you make an informed decision.

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Advantages of Having a Triple Portable Monitor?

Using three monitors is better than one. Whether you are a student, artist, or professional, you sometimes want to extend your screen display; this is where triple monitors come in.

Triple Portable Monitors

Areas That Help Improve the Experience of Having a Portable Triple Monitor

Multiple portable monitors have many advantages that benefit laptop users in different fields. You will enjoy the full experience of portable monitors if you use them in the following areas:

1. Work Remote

A triple monitor setup is effective for remote working because it gives you more screen space, allows you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and opens many applications simultaneously.

If yon a coder, for instance, you can write codes on screen 1, test them on screen 2, and attend a zoom meeting on screen 3. With the three screens, you do not have to keep switching from the main tab to attend to other tasks on a single screen. The setup boosts productivity, increases efficiency, and saves time for remote workers.

2. Streaming

Triple portable monitors allow you to stream your favorite movies or TV shows while working or studying. They allow you to open the primary tasks on the main screen and watch your shows from another screen during breaks.

However, watching shows during your work breaks increases the chances of distractions. Having your favorite show paused right next to you could be a productivity killer. Thus you need to be much more disciplined with multiple screens.

3. Gaming

Triple monitors also allow you to game on the move because they are highly portable. All you have to do is connect your gaming console to the monitor using an HDMI cable or adapter via the HDMI port.

You no longer have a reason to get bored when you are away from your gaming desk. For the best gaming experience, purchase a triple monitor with high-resolution monitors, fast refresh rates, and a big screen.

Triple Portable Monitors

4. Studying

Studying with a triple monitor is very effective because you can open your notes on the main screen, research on screen 2, and communicate on screen 3. It also makes class representations very easy because you can rotate the screen to face the class.

Moreover, if you are carrying out a research study, you can compare study materials side by side, which is easier and more effective than flipping tabs back and forth.

If you are a working student, you can open your work stuff on one screen, attend classes and even get some entertainment without switching tabs.

Benefits Provided By Portable Triple Monitors

Many people talk about triple monitors because they come with significant benefits. Here are the top benefits of having triple portable screens.

1. Maximize Productivity

Triple portable monitors increase productivity because they give you a bigger screen to work with. As a professional or student, there are many times you are faced with the need to compare materials or open multiple programs or applications simultaneously.

Triple Portable Monitors

In such circumstances, switching between tabs or windows slows down your work or study flow. And this is where triple monitors showcase their importance. They allow you to open materials simultaneously, which increases your productivity.

Additionally, you can open a variety of tasks at the same time and multitask. You can purchase models with 180-degree or 270-degree rotation depending on the view you require for your tasks.

2. Portability

Triple monitors are designed for portability and convenience. They are foldable and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around. This feature allows you to carry them around without hurting your back or shoulders.

Suppose you are a student constantly moving from one class to another or between campuses and needing a second screen. In that case, a triple monitor is the best option for you. Additionally, it is a good option for traveling professionals or gamers.

3. Compatible With Multiple Devices

Triple portable monitors have different connection options. This makes them compatible with multiple devices like windows laptops, Macs, Chromebook, Linux, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

Depending on the model, triple monitors are created with USB-C, HDMI, and Mini HDMI ports. The USB-C port allows for video data and power transfer. In contrast, HDMI and Mini HDMI ports support video output only. You will need the USB-A or USB-C for power if you use the HDMI connection.

Whether or not your primary devices connect with the triple monitors depends on if they have matching input and output ports. The triple monitors come with the necessary connector cables (Type C or HDMI cable), so you do not have to incur extra expenses.

In addition, triple monitors are easy to set up. The process does not require long cables, and you do not need a power outlet. All you need to do is plug the monitors into the connectivity ports on your laptop.

4. Quality Image

Triple portable monitor screens offer high-quality images because they feature a 74% NTSC color gamut. This is better than the standard RGB color of standard laptops.

Triple Portable Monitors

Additionally, the screens are created using IPS technology. The IPS technology maintains color accuracy from all viewing angles. This ensures that you are viewing high-quality images at all times.


These benefits explain why many people love and invest in triple portable monitors. Whether you are looking for an extra screen for study, work, or entertainment, you will benefit from triple portable monitors. They are lightweight and feature a slim, lightweight design that is easy to carry around. Remember, the best triple monitor for you depends on the features most important for your screen needs. Get your triple portable monitor today!