Improve your work efficiency with a Triple Portable FOPO Monitor

A portable monitor may be the solution you've been looking for to improve your performance at work, do your homework, or maybe just be more comfortable when playing video games like a pro. Are you ready for a triple boost of vision and speed for your productivity?

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The FOPO triple portable monitor will give you a better overview of your tasks and help you perform up to 3 different work tasks at the same time. It is no longer necessary to have a huge computer to split screens, this work tool will take you to the next level of a more efficient experience, and you should not miss it. Here are the reasons below why you should get a FOPO portable monitor right now:

Easy to carry, the FOPO portable monitor weighs only 5.40 pounds and is fully foldable, which makes it convenient to carry in your bag and take it everywhere, it can be easily transported and become your mobile workstation in a coffee shop, at the swimming pool, at the beach, in another country, etc. Regardless of where you go, by carrying your triple-screen laptop you can experience the same level of efficiency by having your own FOPO triple-screen laptop monitor. Experience being an entrepreneur, businessman, programmer, gamer, student, or anyone else looking to be well-equipped and one step ahead of others.
Perfect screen size, the screen dimensions of this FOPO product are available from 12" to 15" inches ideal for laptop screen sizes, and other electronic display devices. You can choose the size according to your needs. Combined with bright colors, its amazing resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and IPS display will give you clear images and rich colors in 178°angle! In addition, the triple FOPO monitor can protect your eyes and relieve eye fatigue due to its low blue light design. So in addition to everything else, you can use the computer for longer periods of time and your eyes won't get tired while using it, which will definitely increase your efficiency at work.


Multiple Compatibility, with the portable FOPO triple screen, you can be connected with a variety of devices and supported systems such as M1 pro, Apple M1 Max, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Android, and Type-C devices like mobile phones, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and many more. Unfortunately, Apple M1 & M2 MacBook and Microsoft Surface Series are not compatible with this device. You can transfer video and data without a docking station and support simply by connecting a USB-A, mini HDMI, or using USB-C ports. Furthermore, this product comes with many accessories included that will give you better access to achieve that flexible mobile workstation that you are looking for. The FOPO portable monitor comes with a power adapter, two Type-C cables (for video and power), two HDMI cables (only for video), two USB-C to USB-A cables for power, one cleaning cloth, two screen protectors, a hook-and-loop fastener, and the iconic triple portable monitor. The accessories that FOPO provides you with allow you to be able to operate it in many other ways to make it even more useful. This portable triple screen comes with a lot of tools that will help you to improve your efficiency and versatility during your working time.
Elegant and innovative design, the design of the FOPO portable monitor is intended to make the user experience better and more comfortable during use. We know how hard it is to work for hours and hours and have to do it in parts because we only have one screen, but being able to have three is a great time saver. We spend hours at our jobs and nowadays we have to be productive, time has become very valuable and FOPO knows it.

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The perfect design to instantly make your space more aesthetically pleasing and give your laptop smarter coverage with a full-screen protector that allows you to handle it and take it everywhere without compromising the security of your laptop screens. The FOPO monitor has an HDR mode, which supports excellent power transmission for multi-purpose scenarios, features a full 235° rotation, 180° viewing mode, and a scalable stand to adjust the length to a desirable viewing angle and maintain stability for smooth and successful sharing of your meetings. The screen rotation will also help you work with others, while sharing one screen you can work on the other screens and do group work, with FOPO you won't lose a second of your time, that's for sure. The monitor, like the whole concept itself, is versatile, foldable, and adaptable to any situation you may need in your daily work. With this FOPO monitor, you can get a lot done and save time by boosting your productivity.

Take advantage of upcoming discounts and get equipped with the best technological tools to improve your professional life with 300% more productivity. Don't wait any longer to become a multitasking person, have a better view of your work, be faster and save time. The best of all is the portability, this will be your perfect tool to do all your work, either from your home, university, office, or in a coffee shop, you are free to choose the place where you want to work. Portability is not a luxury but has become essential for people in the current world of technology.

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Now that we are going through modern times, technology is part of our daily life and demands more focus on smart work along with hard work, that's why this triple FOPO monitor will be your most useful tool for work with more space for applications and wideness in its viewing area. It should be highlighted that there is no need to worry about a decrease in the battery life of your laptop, as using an external monitor or leaving the computer plugged in with the external monitor will not damage the computer or its battery life.

The perfect monitor for your different activities, whether from your home, your office, or wherever you want to take it, the FOPO portable monitor will help you do all your work more comfortably to keep you productive or entertained all the time.

All you need is a triple FOPO monitor in your life.