How I use the FOPO Triple Extend Portable Monitor For Programming

Hello, my name is Fabian, I am a student of the faculty of technology, of the career of software development, I am currently in the 3rd year of my career. In addition to studying, I am working as an intern in a startup, where I am in charge of helping the development of web pages for different contracted companies.
The startup in which I work, is mainly responsible for providing solutions to digital problems that companies may have in the transition from physical to digital format, which has increased exponentially with the advent of the pandemic.

I have been working here for about 3 semesters. The way I'm doing, I think I'm doing great, I'm learning something new every day.

As a software developer, I am used to use a laptop to move from school to work without many problems, normally my routine is to wake up to go to the university until noon, have lunch and then continue with the work in the afternoon.

In the development industry, the optimization of your time is a very important aspect that is taken into consideration when choosing the most outstanding students to work in a technology company, that's why I always try to optimize my time, learning each time a new programming language and resting the necessary to perform to the maximum.

Lately I have had the problem that I get tired when using my laptop as my main screen, due to the size of the letters and the disposition of only using one screen, so I have been considering the purchase of a new technological gadget that will allow me to increase my productivity and not get tired when working or studying.

The options that I currently handle is the purchase of a new monitor of a larger size for my home, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but I think it is the best option.
In the past week, I was in doubt about buying a new device to improve productivity, I was sure that my purchase had to be a new monitor, until I saw the new FOPO triple monitor. Why did I choose it? Simply because it better suited my workflow. As a programmer, while I need a bigger screen, I also need portability, plus, what's better than gaining it and adding two new screens to your workflow. It was the best decision I have made in recent times. My work period has been reduced considerably, working less hours and being much more productive than before, thanks to the versatility that programming with 3 screens simultaneously gives you.

Another very important point for me, is that I can take them to the university, without taking up too much space in my backpack, plus the weight is quite light, and then go to work and continue with my daily routine of web development.

My colleagues at work and at the university, did not stop looking at my new acquisition, since it is a new device that not many people currently know, now everyone wants a new FOPO for their jobs.

After searching the market for different alternatives, the ones that caught my attention the most were the following FOPO:

Wider View

Enjoy a better visual experience when playing games or watching videos. Makes your operation more comfortable and efficient.

Meets various needs

tri screen portable monitor

The triple portable laptop monitor is suitable for C-type and Switch cell phones. It turns one laptop screen into three, which can bring a smooth gaming experience.

HDMI/Type-C/USB-A Port

Can support most devices, including

Mac/Windows laptops. The connection is simple. If your laptop with type-C port supports video transmission, you can use 2 type-C cables to connect. If not, you can use HDMI and USB-A cables to connect.

Maximum angle of 235°

The automatic screen rotation function allows you to easily share the screen and show your operations face to face without many people crowding in front of a laptop screen.

Portable design

Two screens can be folded. Easy to put in your backpack or computer bag without having to buy additional bags. Work anywhere with your monitor

Adjustable stand

dual portable monitor

FOPO triple screen portable monitor with an adjustable stand that provides full support for the screens and maintains stability. It is easy to adjust the length to a desired viewing angle.

How do I connect it to my laptop?

I follow these steps in order to make the connection smoothly:

Step 1: Relieve the actual size of your laptop again.

If your laptop is 13 to 16 inches and also within the following size, length and height range, you can use and install our monitor. Otherwise, your laptop does not fit our monitor.

Step 2: Identify your laptop ports

Our 12" triple dockable monitor only supports Type-C and HDMI ports.

Please identify your laptop ports to find the correct connection method with the triple monitor in the next step.

Notice: If your laptop uses the latest M1 chip and the model is Surface Pro, it is not compatible with our triple monitor.

Step 3: Find the right connection methods

1) Type-C and Thunderbolt-3 port connection (supports power and data transmission).

Use included Type-C cables to connect the monitor.

2) HDMI port connection

Use included HDMI cables and connect the power supply to use the monitor.

3) Other video port connection (needs power supply)

portable second monitor for laptop
As a consumer of the brand, it has helped me in a considerable way to increase my productivity by 300%, so I hope it will also help all my friends and colleagues who purchased their triple FOPO monitor.
In case you need more information about the monitors, here is the link to where I found the triple monitor and where you can purchase it to optimize your time as a web programmer, which is an industry that requires constant learning, and one of the things we have to prioritize is the optimization of time and be in constant movement to have better results in our workday and in our university life.