FOPO - The Most Popular Monitor in 2022

If you are thinking about getting an extra monitor for your laptop, you should read this before you make a decision.

Have you ever heard about FOPO?

Well, FOPO is a company that believes in the fact that every design they make should be able to fit different types of consumers’ habits maintaining the quality in each one of them. And trust me when I say that meeting their customer’s needs is their primary goal.

Fopo triple monitors for laptop

FOPO is not only great because of the quality of their portable monitors but also for their beautiful designs since simplicity and innovation are their design philosophy, their commitment to quality brings them to meet every customer expectation in their own original way.

Now, let’s talk about one of their most popular products in 2022, the 15-inch Triple Laptop Screen Extender and we´ll talk about almost every feature and benefit of this unique and precious dual-screen display so sit tight and get ready to be surprised.

Fopo Triple Monitor Reasons

Number One of our top feature priorities is the FHD 1080P IPS 15-inch screen, so we know there are many options in the market but how many give you an FHD monitor that can deliver this level of rich color and clearer images? just imagine playing your favorite video games while you are streaming and enjoying the incredible graphic quality of this dual monitor, plus having this will help you organize better when you have to stream so there won´t be a problem answering your follower´s questions and keep playing all at the same time. Also, this dual-screen display is designed with a low blue light so your eyes are always protected while you use the extended monitor, we know that as a gamer you need to improve your viewing field so you don´t miss any detail and that is exactly what FOPO triple laptop monitor can give to you.

fopo 15 inch

Number two, the simpler the better, nobody likes difficult installations, and to be honest, that is one of the coolest things this triple monitor has to offer because it is a plug-and-play device, there is no need to install any driver or any other difficult stuff neither for installation or connection, this awesome triple monitor is not just easy to install but also has a wide multi-device compatibility thanks to its HDMI and Type C port connections so you can connect it almost to everything, from your laptop when you have to work and to your Xbox one when you want to relax and play some games. Now we know you are wondering if this is compatible with your computer operating system, well, it is! This awesome triple monitor supports Windows and Mac OS and if you are more into games, it not just only supports Xbox One but also Switch PS4, and more. Forget about buying more gadgets or complements to make it work, just plug it in and enjoy.

fopo monitors gameplay

Number Three, we live in a time where your office literally can be anywhere your computer is, so holding on to that thought FOPO triple monitor design is portable and easy to carry. To move this triple monitor anywhere you want you just have to fold it and it’s ready to go, yes as easy as that, the stretchable and compact design of the FOPO triple monitor makes it easier to transport it wherever and whenever you need to. So let´s think about it you are going on a business trip and you have a big presentation to make for some colleagues overseas just imagine how cool you´ll look when you open your briefcase and take a triple monitor out, and not just that as we said earlier you just plug it in and it’s working already so you take the triple monitor out and in the blink of an eye you are ready to give your presentation, the First impression is the most important and trust me when I say you will look amazing using this state of the art piece of technology equipment.

fopo triple monitor adjust

Let’s keep that thought about you in a meeting to talk more about the next important feature of this amazing triple monitor, you are giving the best presentation of your life and a colleague makes you a question, so you turn your right screen in over 180° to show him some specifications about your dissertation, that’s right you can turn your dual monitors in different angles thanks to its rotatable design. The design of this feature is meant to give you all the commodities you need whenever you have to share your screen with someone else, you can rotate your right screen up to 180° and the left screen up to 235° just imagine how much easier banking consulting and engineering would become with the use of this amazing laptop triple monitor. And last but not least you can turn your rotatable monitor into a vertical position for 45° imagine how faster you will do your programming or even write a document; take advantage of this feature in any way you want to.


fopo 12 inch

Summing up every beautiful feature of this awesome triple monitor you can be sure that with this option you are getting an FHD screen that not only brings a beautiful and clearer image but also takes care of your eyes with its blue light letting you enjoy as much as you want without getting your eyes tired, it is very easy to install and to connect with almost any device and don´t worry about getting extra cables since all the accessories you need are included in the box the Type C cables and the HDMI too plus one power adapter to charge them and more, the portable design is just perfect for people who travel a lot and the fact that is a plug and play device makes it even better helping you to confidently take it anywhere you want whenever you want and finally the possibility to move or rotate the screens as you wish to share the information on them faster and easier, there is no much else to think you know that FOPO 15-inch triple portable monitor is the best choice to make.