Best Working Partner - FOPO Triple Monitors

Many people are getting used to the home office routine, and for those who still struggle to achieve the same level of concentration they experienced when they were in the conventional office, FOPO has prepared a list of advantages and services that its monitors can offer.


laptop tri monitor

Monitors with a flat screen increase the sense of visual comfort by conforming to the eye. Their 1800R display allows the eyes to easily follow the action while maintaining a constant viewing distance. Sharper brightness and contrast levels also help provide a more comfortable experience. Even the most basic options provide greater comfort with blue light protection. In addition, Flicker Free technology reduces eye strain caused by image flicker and prevents eyestrain.


In addition to comfort, flat screens guarantee a full view of content, ensuring a more immersive experience. These monitor models are considered ideal for those who watch content, for example, while traveling in front of a computer. This feature gives the user the impression of participating in the action, as if they were inside the image.


triple portable monitor

Using a monitor with a larger screen ratio can be a good alternative for those who need to perform more than one task at the same time. The display makes it possible to open two programs at the same time, without having to change the main view. For example, it is possible to follow a video conference while reviewing a presentation. Monitors with more inputs for other devices also allow a shared experience with two laptops connected simultaneously.


trio laptop monitor

If the user does not have a desktop computer, it is worth investing in a monitor, by virtue of its connectivity with portable devices such as laptops and tablets. In these, a simple connection serves to add a larger and more comfortable screen or even to split tasks by extending the image between the laptop and the monitor. FOPO's wide repertoire of notebook computers allows the connection to monitors to be made in a very simple way, via an HDMI cable.


portable tri screen for laptop

Whether you have a desktop PC or a laptop, the opportunity to have an external monitor is an excellent option. It doesn't matter if your PC is old or new, since all of them have the necessary ports to connect to an external monitor. You will only have to take into account this type of connection when choosing yours.

How do I know if I need an external monitor for a multitasking space? Very easy! Some professions are made for this type of space. Some examples we can cite are:

Generally speaking, any professional who wants to view additional content while working and if in addition, you make use of video conferencing. With an additional screen you will no longer have to worry about closing your videoconference display to look for any document, reference or content. This way, you will have a fixed screen on your desktop and another one for additional content.

Computer scientists and programmers who need to work with code and different languages simultaneously. In this way, one screen is reserved for the review of such programming, documentation or visualization.

Design, image and sound professionals. Completely necessary for the simultaneous use of several editing programs.

Economists, financiers, administrators and mathematicians. These professionals make use of several open spreadsheets or visualization of live stock quotes.

Philologists, writers, researchers, teachers, investigators, translators, etc. These types of professions require multiple screens to open multiple documents at the same time.

Scenarios to use FOPO Triple Monitor


One of the fields where an external monitor is most required is in design, whether graphic or web. Many people prefer to work with more than one monitor, as they can work on one screen while viewing the result on the other.


It is very common for programmers to use more than one monitor to be able to write the necessary code on one screen and see the result on the other. What brings a lot of value to the programmer is the portability of the FOPO monitors, as it offers two additional portable monitors to increase productivity and performance of everyday work.


Imagine being able to take an external monitor with you on a trip to finish with certain pending activities? this is the advantage of being able to have an external monitor, in the case of the FOPO S12, S16 and S17 models, they offer the possibility of using 3 monitors simultaneously, with the possibility of using it in a portable way.

Digital Nomad

There is a trend in recent years, which is to be a digital nomad, which consists of doing remote work, while people are dedicated to traveling around the world, which requires a lot of portability, but that does not reduce comfort . This is where the option of our smallest model in dimensions comes in, but with the same characteristics as the most expensive model, the S12.


As Marketers, it is very important to be up to date with current trends in the networks, in addition to managing design programs. That is why we recommend the S16, since it has the largest screen size, with dimensions of 15 inches, making it the perfect gadget to be able to edit images, videos or illustrations.


triple portable monitor for laptop

It is very important to take into account the benefits that can bring us the acquisition of a new life partner, in the case of the new FOPO monitor, gives us an increase in productivity of 300% whether the activity is done, because we have the ability to use 3 monitors simultaneously and most importantly, in a portable way. We also have to mention that one of the most important attributes that we gain is portability, since we have all the productivity at our disposal, to be able to move to the place we need, when we want. in case you need to decide which is the FOPO monitor that best suits your needs, here we leave you a guide.