How Do You Work At Home?

Today let's talk about how beautiful it is to work from home.

Since the pandemic, a lot of people and companies adopted the home office as a new way to work and I know that as me many of you are happy because of this.

You don`t have to spend valuable time in a traffic jam to get to your job, and many people enjoy the fact that they don’t have to wake up so early in the morning because their office is far from where they live.

Instead, you just have to wake up, turn on the computer log in, and say “hello” to your work buddies. It might be beautiful but it has its own challenges too and that is what we are going to talk about today. The ups and downs of working from home.

Changes These Time

As I always say, look for a quiet place to read pup up a can of soda, and let us begin.

So, the good thing about working from home are many like, for example now you can have breakfast without being in a hurry. Many of us have a little extra time to get our kids ready for school and make them a proper breakfast too.

You have more time at home because if you can multitask you can put your house in order before logging in to your work. And if you are lucky enough and manage well your time you can even run errands without anyone noticing it.

Having all this into account we could say that working from home is a dream made true for many of us.

Disadvantages At Home

But it has downsides too, like for example, your boss knowing that since you work from home you are technically available twenty-four-seven and that he or she just has to call you if they need something “urgent” from your work.

The workload has increased since you are at home because your boss wants you to get the best out of that extra time.

And last but not least the fact that maybe at home you don`t have the commodities for working that you used to have at your office.

For example, if you work in the engineering area or design your office has the equipment you need to do your job right. You have two or even three monitors which allow you to organize your workload in a more efficient way.

When the pandemic came it took many people a little time to reorganize their daily life at work and at home too.

So many of us had the problem that the screen of our laptop or pc was not enough for the job we had to do.

 And thinking about that little detail today I come up with an excellent option for you to make up for that little problem at home.

And that is where FOPO jumps in to save the day.

About FOPO Monitors

Since the pandemic, many people saved as much money as they could because those were times of uncertainty in which anyone could not know when they were going to need as many resources as they could get.

And getting more monitors or bigger computers was definitely off the table.

That was the time when FOPO came up with the idea of giving everyone who needed a new option to balance the scales with a new triple portable monitor.

So what is a triple portable monitor? you might be asking. Well, this amazing device is a piece of equipment into which you can plug your laptop and turn it into a tri monitor.

In the blink of an eye, you can easily expand your laptop into a new setup in which you can work more easily and fast.

FOPO monitor for laptops is the answer for those who need to expand their range of view for working.

FOPO'S Advantages

This device is compatible with multiple devices and is designed to use as an extender for a normal laptop.

It has many features, for example, you can rotate your screens to different degrees.

It is portable, so you can take it anywhere with you. It has a 15 inches design and you get a monitor with a resolution of 1080P allowing you to see clearly everything you do on each monitor.

As I said before it is compatible with many devices and also with many operative systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and also Android.

This triple portable monitor is designed to make your life easier that is why it is a plug-and-play device and every accessory that you might need comes in the same box.

FOPO tri monitor for work will make your working life better because even if your job “does not require” multiple monitors getting this will help you improve your efficiency since organizing your workload will be faster and better. 

Get One

And I would like to start making streaming this is a great option too.

So, there is not much to think about it. Go get yours ASAP and enjoy a more organized work life with FOPO tri-monitor for work.

Now with this device, only the good things of working from home are left.

Just get one to improve work experience