How about a Halloween with a triple monitor?

You may be wondering how to use a triple monitor and get the most out of it this Halloween.

Then you are probably one of those people who plan their activities a long time in advance because they want them to be perfect so that nothing gets in the way.
Well, here we give you a few, but entertaining ideas to spend the Halloween holiday and get the most out of it with your triple monitor:

Let's start by talking about the characteristics of a triple monitor and the advantages it can offer you. A triple monitor is not only one more complement to your screen, but it is also an excellent tool for work and entertainment.

fopo monitor halloween

With a triple screen you get 300% efficiency in whatever you are about to start, be it a movie, a job or project, a video game, or more, without the need to be changing the display from one task to another. The 235° MAX rotating angle allows you to increase the viewing field in multiple angles making any job much simpler, faster, and easier and making a unique experience of it.

On the other hand, it has high and multiple connection compatibilities with different devices with USB-A/ mini-HDMI / USB-C ports like PC, laptops, Type-C mobile phones, PS4, switch Xbox one, etc. It should be noted that it is not compatible with Apple M1 & M2 MacBook and Microsoft Surface series, but it is compatible with Apple M1 Max and M1 Pro as well as support systems such as Mac/Windows/Linux/Chrome/Android] so you don't have to worry about looking for extra accessories.

12 inch fopo

Now that you know roughly the main features of a triple monitor, here are some ideas about how to use it this Halloween and have fun like never before:

If you are a horror movies lover and you enjoy the feeling of suspense, mixed with adrenaline and fear, a 15” triple monitor is a perfect complement to watching the best scary movies, on one hand, it gives you an infinitely better resolution than a normal screen and on the other hand, the 15 inches triple portable monitor is a perfect size for the extender and the screen of the laptop, so you can share the experience with the person or people you love most. The Full HD 1920 x 1080P resolution, with IPS screen, 74% NTSC gives you an unimaginable experience of vivid colors and super sharp images.

Also thinking about the well-being and health of your eyes, the low blue light design that the FOPO triple monitor has, protects the eyes to the maximum and relieves eye fatigue so that your eyes do not get tired during a Halloween movie marathon.

Another excellent idea to use your triple monitor at Halloween is to be able to compare the 3 screens at the same time with the variety of costumes that the market offers for these parties, you will not have to return to the previous screen to see the attributes that you like most about your favorite costumes, you can do it at the same time and streamline the selection process in terms of designs, prices, and models.

fopo monitor 300%

If scaring your family or friends is your thing, one of our favorite Halloween pranks is ghostwriting, which works by placing the wireless keyboard and mouse on your victim's PC, but that means the prank victim must be within your reach to control your PC discreetly from your own desk. Assuming you're a computer geek, ghostwriting is the best way to terrify and stun anyone. For this you need a little more time and planning since you will have to take the time to install some remote-control application on the computer of the person you want to scare, make sure that when you test the application the person is not connected and also make sure not to leave the application open or in view of the person who will use the computer, you can hide it in a folder that they do not use much or remove its visibility. With the triple screen, you can access different computers at the same time and choose the perfect moment to send scary messages or make moves on other people's computers that will leave everyone shocked and scared.
However, if you are one of those people who enjoy Halloween parties in a totally different way if you are passionate about games, and challenges and looking to enter different worlds and take advantage of the excellent Halloween game offers for your console or PC, FOPO's triple monitor is your best alternative since it has wide compatibility with different devices, you can easily connect it and enjoy an excellent main transmission together with the HDR mode. FOPO's 13,3 “triple monitor is designed for multiple scenarios as it has 235° full rotation and 180° display mode allowing you to share with other players and watch different scenes at the same time, it will make you a gaming Adonis. In addition, the FOPO triple-screen portable monitor has a scalable stand so you can adjust the length to the viewing angle you want and maintain stability, we know that when you play you get excited and can move a lot. Whether you choose the 12, 13.3, or 15-inch triple monitor it also allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, audio volume, and other parameters to have it all in one.

Do not think that you will have to stay at home to play with the triple monitor, its design is meant to be very easy to fold and you can easily transport it wherever you want since it is also very light and very easy to install. Plug and play wherever you want and reach your goals together with your Friends.

home office

Nevertheless, if you are a quiet person, but love the Halloween holiday and what it means to dress up your whole family and turn your home into a real cave of terror with skulls, witches, lights, sounds, spider webs, and many, many candies. The FOPO 12” triple monitor can be your best ally when it comes to playing creepy audio and sounds that accompany the Halloween decoration of your home and you can project different terrifying images that, in addition to being much larger than on a normal monitor, will have a better quality and image resolution much higher than any other, giving a more realistic impression and therefore better scaring anyone who comes to trick-or-treating and taking photos.

Enjoy the Halloween parties to the fullest with the FOPO triple monitor that suits your needs!